Our Management Team consists of experienced security professionals who are responsible and accountable for the smooth operation of the business on a daily basis. It ensures that all the objectives of SFSS are achieved in line with the Mission Statement, and enforces the company’s rules and regulations at all times.

We take a professional security service approach with all of our clients. We ensure that we provide only the best security agents for our clients. Our personnel have immaculate grooming standards, are properly attired in a SFSS uniform with name tag and other company markings, neat and ironed clothing at all times and exhibit an excellent demeanour, high integrity and ethics, and provide excellent customer service to our clients.

Whenever we start a new contract for a client, members of our management team meet with our client to review the terms of the contract and any special circumstances of the agreement. We strive to establish a relationship with our customer at day one that is based on mutual trust and respect in order for free and open communications to occur. This relationship that we built at the contract kick-off meeting is maintained by frequent contact and communications with our leadership team and the client staff.

The manager that is responsible to provide the management of our security services for that particular customer develops Post Instructions that become part of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for that particular customer. The SOP provides the detailed instructions to our team on how, what, when, who and where we are to provide security services.


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